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Greatness is in details.

Photography is the way how I explore interactions with people, nature and surroundings. It is the way to share my perceptions and observations of the world around us. 

Good photograph to me is the one you can give title in a blink of an eye. Such photograph has content, tells a story. The power of photograph is to freeze a moment to eternity. That's why it tells more than thousand words.

I am former president of Fotoklub Ljubljana (Photo club Ljubljana), I displayed 10 independent exhibitions and participated at numerous group exhibitions. 

I'm award winning photographer mostly in fine art nude and landscape genre, I participate at international salons which are under patronage of different associations, like FIAP and PSA. As member of Slovenian and FIAP association I acquired artistic titles Master of Photography (MF FZS) and Excellence FIAP (EFIAP).


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